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Solomit Strawboards cuts, mills and manufactures straw ceiling panels and brush fence panels right here in Australia using 100% Australian grown broombush and wheat stubble straw.

Solomit Strawboard was purchased by the current family owners back in 1974, from a South Australian family company. The machinery and technology was then moved to the rural Victorian town of Murtoa, in the Wimmera grain belt region.


Brush Panel Fencing

Solomit brush panels  provide a natural, durable and top quality alternative to more traditional fencing and screening methods.

Brush panel fencing also provides a long lasting alternative to traditional fencing and walls, provides noise absorption for traffic and other unwanted noise, is well suited for 'do it yourself' installation, and has a variety of applications.


Acoustic Strawboard Ceilings

Solomit Strawboard ceilings and brush panels provide a natural alternative to more traditional ceiling and screening procedures, and do so with some distinct advantages.

Acoustic Strawboard Ceilings provide effective noise reduction through sound absorption as well as providing a natural softness to a room or undercover area, it also reduces ceiling maintenance.


Brush Panel Fences

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Brush Panel Fencing

Acoustic Ceilings

Click on the links below to download our Acoustic Ceiling brochures

Strawboard Brochure
Strawboard Specification
Architects Specifications


Solomit Strawboard’s products are environmentally friendly and 100% Australian Made… Click here for more ...

Brush Fencing Information

Solomit has been manufacturing and supplying the highest quality brush fence panels / melaleuca fencing to Australia and New Zealand since 1977...

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Strawboard Information

Solomit Strawboard acoustic ceilings drastically reduce noise levels and are a fantastic thermal insulator that is light weight and fire resistant...

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Interstate Agents

Solomit Strawboard acoustic ceilings and brush panel / melaleuca fences are available throughout Australia with suppliers in most states....

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